Our values

Luxiane car rental car in Martinique : your partner for personalized car rental/bespoke car hire

We would make your business or vacation stay as pleasurable as possible.
You will benefit from a V.I.P. WELCOME at the place that you have chosen (airport, port, hotel) by a designated team-member who carries you directly to your car without any long waiting lines.
Also, we value the importance of safety and security as our vehicles are routinely maintained by certified professionals.
Be assured, all vehicles have been insured with COMPREHENSIVE coverage insurance.

Liability and Property damage insurance

Legal representation

Death and disability of driver

Legal protection

Broken windshield coverage

Fire, civil disturbances and attacks


Damage from all accidents

Technological disasters

Natural disasters


Need information

Please contact us. We will answer you as soon as possible


We consider you special and as a result you deserve special treatment.
LUXIANE CAR has the pleasure of providing a tailor-made car -rental service which is open every day including Sundays and public holidays.
It's "red carpet treatment" for you